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The New iPhone releases, the order boost
- 1/5/2017 -

The New iPhone releases, the order boost
   As in the following months, there will be 3 hot models of phone from iPhoneXS iPhoneXR iPhoneXSMAX
For the hottest models during the whole year, they are special, they comes like a festival for mobile accessories business.
Mobile accessories dealers look through many pages of information on the internet to look for new products and reliable china suppliers or factory in advance.

     They want to take risk to buy cases and make ready before the hot models release, because time means money. Once they their products come earlier before their competitors’, means they can sell hundreds of thousands pieces cases. They are crazy about the new products, and they also care much about time.

      Sunrens case factory cares time much more than the mobile accessories dealers.

        As last year and the year before last year, we provide the mobile cases to our clients at least one and a half month    before the devices release.

     This year, for new iPhoneXS, iPhoneXR ,iPhoneXSMAX , we do even better.

      Now we announce the production time was settled for new iPhone

      2018 Aug.5th, new iPhone cases starts to produce.

Golden time + Sunrens case guarantee policy = market = profit = good future 

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