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Sunrens case factory process of automatic production
- 1/5/2017 -

Sunrens case factory process of automatic production

        Sunrens case factory speed up its automatic production progress much, especial in 2018
As the human resource cost rising in China, more and more companies are trying the automatic production by machine hands.

       Not all cases covers factory like this kind of test, because the cost is high and also with a progress to familiar with the automatic production way.

       Sunrens case surely wants to be the first mobile accessories cases factory to try the new things; we are the one to welcome changes during the development.

       In order to prepare well for bulk new iphones case orders, recently Sunrens case factory tries more machine hands and robots in the production

       We see the advantages of automatic production:

        1. Save human resource cost.
        2. Persistent production time
        3. Quality consistency

        But the automatic production also gives us a more requirements. it needs we make the best molds for the cases covers, like one saying in China, better is obviously not enough, the best is what we want.

      This kind of changes will help a lot to Sunrens case factory. It makes easy for bulk order production, meanwhile we can save more hands to check the quality and improve ourselves.
iphone xmax case, our machines arms are ready for it.